Misconceptions That Make People Apprehensive About Consulting A Financial Advisor

Considering the cutthroat competition and the limited time to show your business’s prowess in the market with rivals fighting for audience’s attention, business do not have the necessary tools, technology, and expertise to efficiently balance their finances, impact of which is visible at the end of the financial year.

Finance, especially pertaining to businesses, is an intricate field, involving taxes, assets holding, separating private and business expenses. This is why many businesses and organizations go for consulting financial and tax advisor.

Has it ever occurred to you, what will you do if you are burdened under massive debt?

Are you planning to do something with the cash that you have but don’t know as to where to start from?


This is why you need a Financial and Tax Advisor like Donald Malter. With his over three decades of industry spanning experience to handle the finances and tax issue for business efficiently, be it big or small, ensuring that every aspect of your finances is diligently managed, be it a tax, cash flow or investment planning.

But the traditional financial service companies have ingrained in the business of this generation that only affluent lots need financial and tax advisor, which is nothing but a myth.

Continuing with it, in today’s post allow us to dispel some of the familiar misconception business operators have about financial advisors that make them apprehensive about reaching out to their consulting service:


Amongst the top priority of the financial advisor, who has the client’s best interest in their heart, privacy is the foremost. They will make sure that not only does your money remains secure, but every shred of information that has been shared during the consultation session, be it the financial information, data or any facts, they remain safe and confidential with them.


First of all, it is for the financial advisor to decide whether or not your assets are investable enough. This is only possible when you have a consultation session with them. If the session doesn’t convince you to have a financial advisor always by your side, go for the subscription model, which will include an annual meeting, actionable recommendations, ongoing consultation, investment management, and accessibility to technology to help you manage your finances better.


Income should not be a restricting factor when thinking of consulting a financial advisor. With the typical subscription model, businesses with sufficient incomes can quickly seek financial advice from an expert on an hourly basis.


This might have been true two to three decades back, but as the financial technology and services are evolving and the customer is becoming more aware of their rights, financial advisors are shifting their focus from selling financial products to advising them on implementing the robust Financial Strategy. Since financial advisors are now paid through monthly subscriptions or for an hourly rate, there is no longer the possibility of them trying to sell an inferior product for a high price.


Not all financial planning advisors are interested in making a profit. Many works with the only aim to help their clients business succeed. But then again this boils down to your criterion of selecting a financial advisor, which should focus on experience, credentials, criminal charges, etc. Watch out for those with felony charges or allegation of breach of fiduciary duty against them. Go with the one, preferably an independent financial advisor, that has demonstrable experience in proficiently handling and managing finances of business across industries.

While these misconceptions hold not even a single grain of truth in them, what your responsibility as a business advisor is to be extremely vigilant and selective when looking for a financial advisor.

Donald Malter, having coherently manage minuscule to significant financial aspects of the leading firms can ensure you that, with cost-effective means, the most bankable strategy is effectively implemented. His customized financial approach is sure to transform how your business will manage the finances, which will reflect upon your performance.

Transform your businesses fiscal strategy!

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