What Is The Importance Of Corporate Tax Planning?- 4 Things You Must Know!

You can be pretty familiar with the term “Corporate tax planning,” but many people misunderstand the actual meaning of it. Well, Corporate Tax Planning includes strategic structuring for your business to cut down the tax liabilities. All the related activities advise you to avoid the tax costs triggered by a legitimate process.

However, at Financial Occult, we take care of all of your tax planning needs with a progressive approach as required for reporting or Corporate tax compliance. So you don’t have to look for a tax attorney or a certified public accountant here and there as you are getting more than that with us. Scroll down to know more.

Key things of Corporate Tax Planning

As we have mentioned, tax planning is all about finding out tax saving opportunities. No matter if you are running a big company or an individual, you can end up paying more without a proper plan. We identify the beneficial opportunities and aware you for taking the advantages.

Anyway, have a look at the key things of tax planning and consulting, which we incorporate with our services.


Corporate entity matters the most in planning a tax. You might know, each corporate body needs to pay the federal income tax upon the annual earnings. Moreover, all the shareholders need to pay tax on receiving dividends from the entities.

Many corporations turn themselves into S corporations or a company with restricted liabilities to avoid paying duplicate tasks.

However, the Internal Revenue Service has some unique opportunities for these particular corporations. Under IRC Sections 701-777 these S corporations are considered as partners, so taxation is applicable only for the shareholders in this case, and corporate entities get spared.

We analyze the whole sum and send you a report in order to calculate your entity-level tax and the tax for shareholders.


Next key thing we consider is the correct timing. Proper opportunities come with identifying the perfect timing for recognizing income or expense of an item- Financial Occult follows that religiously. We estimate your future income figure and keep a track on the acceleration of costs in the present time. The increasing expenses get deducted from your earning figure. Hence you get a positive cash flow or savings depending on the then value of money.


The fundamental of corporate tax planning depends on calculating and determining the capable countries, states, or cities for imposing a tax on corporate entities. Government of each country has a different set of rules for the tax that is known as jurisdictional arbitrage. It makes a significant impact on the tax cost differentials.

For example, if a company wants to run an operation in Switzerland, instead of California; they need to pay less under the accordance of the tax imposing rules. But if it is in California, and if the new business developments (the earning revenue from juvenile customers) fall on the wrong side of a jurisdictional border; the company is going to pay more than usual as the additional tax liabilities.

Our work is to find out the proper places where you can flourish, and your real-time cash flow doesn’t increase.

Not only the part mentioned above, but also we offer you more with our Corporate tax planning-

  • We strive to figure out the most tax effective figure and provide you with that.
  • Our tax planners excel in finding out the best opportunities for you and make you use the available tax reliefs wisely.
  • We help you to reduce the tax exposure of the disposals and maximize the available relaxations on acquisitions.
  • Industry-specific tax opportunities get a flyer with us.

Final Verdict

You got the clear idea of our major responsibilities. Get in touch with our Corporate tax planners and stop paying more. For further query use the comment box below. We will reach you out instantly.


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